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The LSD Coloring Book

The LSD Coloring Book Not exclusively, mind you (I still my bossy alpha males that love their women and drive ‘em crazy) but the m/m’s are totally doing it for me, too. Of course, it helps to have such adamant “m/m experienced” fellow readers recommending only the best to me. I thought the author did an amazing job Just finished Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane. The story gave me the same feel as the early relationship between V and Butch in , really intimate. Dark and disturbing but addictive: Fallocaust series by Quil Carter. Rated M. No crayons needed for this coloring book--just a good ol' homestyle buzz from your favorite brand of angel dust.

<i>Rated</i> M Caught My Eye FanFiction

Rated M Caught My Eye FanFiction We want the morally rhteous er hunting bad guys like Venom, ing losers like Stiltman, and fhting similarly dark Marvel stars like Wolverine, Hulk and Deadpool. Home Community Books Twilht Rated M Caught My Eye. Rated M Caught My Eye. These are all of my favorites.

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Books on PriceMinister Dark Blood Series Dark Blooded: A sub-species of human beings...

Books rated m:

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