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Dissertation extension request letter Coping and Psychological Morbidity after Road Traffic Accidents: The Development of a Coping Scale and an Examination of Stressor Variables, Coping and Social Support in Relation to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Practitioner Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology(Psych D) research dossier, including an investation of the experience for people given the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. <i>Dissertation</i> extension request letter
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Theses and Dissertations - University of Surrey - Guildford Being in the Body An Assessment of the Extent to Which the Spiritual/Interior Experiences Arising from Specific Examples of Human Physical Activity can be Interpreted/Clarified Through the Use of the Concept of Embodiment (Informed and Enriched by Inshts Arising from Relious Studies) as an Interpretive Key. Theses and <strong>Dissertations</strong> - University of <strong>Surrey</strong> - Guildford
The Library holds copies of postgraduate theses and dissertations written by University of Surrey students. A selection of theses and dissertations are available online.

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Dissertation writing service in Surrey - Guree Mixed Funding Within the British Health Care System: An Examination of the Effects on Professional Relationships Between Paediatric Oncology Outreach Nurse Specialists and Other Health Care Professionals The Relationships between Food Quality, Service Quality, Perceived Value-for-Money, Desires-congruence and Self-congruence on Consumer Satisfaction and In Turn Lead to Behavioural Intentions and Consumers' Post-purchase Attitude in the Restaurant Industry Experiences of biographical disruption at critical moments in the lives of young adults with childhood renal failure: a comparative study of adults aged 16-30 with prepubertal and postpubertal onset ERFA Portfolio of Academic, Therapeutic Practice and Research Work Counselling Psychology; a Balancing Act Including a Qualitative Analysis of the Notion of the Self from an Existential/Phenomenological Perspective and a Quantitative Investation of Counselling Psychologists' Perceptions of the Scientist-Practitioner Paradm Aristocratic Composers in the 18th Century The Study of a Category of Composer and its Relationship to the Musical Life of its Own Time and its Reception by a Musical Establishment Both in the18th Century and in More Recent Times Aristocratic Composers in the 18th Century The Study of a Category of Composer and its Relationship to the Musical Life of its Time and its Reception by a Musical Establishment Both in the 18th Century and in More Recent Times The role of institutional investors in corporate governance: evidence from German corporations: how corporate managers in German listed companies experience the role of institutional investors in corporate governance: an empirical study A portfolio of academic, therapeutic practice and research work including an investation of :“What is not said”, practitioners’ experience of the loss of visual and verbal clues in the online therapeutic relationship : an interpretative phenomenological analysis. <u>Dissertation</u> writing service in <u>Surrey</u> - Guree
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